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7 August 1989
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About Me.Ships I ship.
Hi. I'm Erika. I'm a 21 year old female living in Montreal, Quebec. I'm a History major at Concordia University, working towards my BA. My eventual goal is to teach at the CEGEP level, so I fully intend on working towards a Master's Degree. I think I'm going to go for history more than I am for linguistics, but who knows? I'm hoping to intern for a museum within the next year. I don't watch a lot of television but I enjoy Glee, Weeds, Dexter, and True Blood. I live and breathe on Tumblr, pretty much. I love writing and I write fanfiction as well as read it.Finn/Rachel. Brittany/Santana. Quinn/Puck. Finn/Quinn. Finn/Santana. Quinn/Artie. Mike/Tina. Matt/Mercedes. Jesse/Santana. Hadley/Sophie Anne. Sookie/Eric. Jessica/Hoyt. Ross/Rachel. Cory/Lea. Mark/Dianna. Alex/Dianna. Naya/Heather. Kevin/Naya. Monica/Chandler. Cate/Baze. Wren/Spencer. Aria/Ezra. Lucas/Hanna. Toby/Emily. Jerry/Elaine. George/Susan. Arthur/Ariadne. Jack/Rose. Mal/Dom. Harry/Hermione. Draco/Hermione.